Managed IT

Complete IT services for your entire office with a Certified technician only a phone call away.

Why Managed IT?

We specialize in Managed IT Solutions for business.  So, what the heck does that mean?  If you own a business and have computers, servers, printers/copiers, email, phone system, hardware, software, etc. then you need someone to manage it all.  We will come to your office and go over your entire network and put together a custom plan to manage your IT infrastructure.

With Managed IT services we retain the responsibly of your office IT needs, so you don’t have to.  For one low monthly payment, we take the burden from you wondering if your computers are secured, updated or if your data is backed up.  Managed IT also gives you and your staff the reassurance that if they have a problem that pops up, they can call, email, chat or text us anytime.    

Don’t waste your precious time as an owner working on your own IT needs.  Don’t get stuck with one of your “relatives” or “friends” working on your critical business infrastructure.  There’s probably an easier, better way and that’s where we can help. 

Hardware & Software Support

We also will maintain all of your hardware and software.  Do you have a QuickBooks problem, Outlook issue, CMS issue or problem scanning to your computer?  Call us first before you call other vendors.  Other vendors may point the finger or say it’s not their problem, we bridge the gab between all technologies in your office to ensure you are fully supported.  There’s no back and forth between you and two companies trying to resolve an issue, we take care of all of that for you.  From VOIP phone systems to your copiers, we are your full service IT department.

Remote and Onsite Support

Included in our managed IT service package we provide remote support to instantly help resolve your computer issues.  Most issues can be resolved with a quick remote support session.  Even if you are not paying for managed IT services, we can still provide remote support at the standard rate.   We also provide onsite support for the issues we can’t fix or access remotely.  Onsite rates are $99 an hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Cloud Migration

What does that mean?  We will do a complete assessment of your company operations and provide options to move your data and other computing needs to an offsite secure option “the cloud”.  This gives the flexibility of being mobile while also being secure and available anywhere.  We specialize in Office 365 cloud migrations utilizing Office 365 Exchange to manage your email and OneDrive / SharePoint to manage your data.  Leverage the great tools that allow you to easily share large files with other inside and outside of your organization.  

Data Backup and Recovery

Are you prepared for a ransomware attack or computer / server crash?  With our managed IT services we offer a few different solutions to backup your data OFFSITE.  The key feature of Managed IT services is to know that you have a team constantly monitoring your backups to ensure you can recover your data if when needed.  Yes, it’s not “IF” but “WHEN”.  We help clients on a monthly basis recover mission critical files due to accidental deletion or file loss of some sort.  If you don’t have a plan in place we urge you to contact us immediately to ensure your business is safe.

Network Monitoring

Another key component of Managed IT services is knowing that your have a team of certified tech’s that are monitoring your network for hardware issues or virus attacks.  We monitor servers, firewalls, routers, switches and other network devices 24/7 and take a proactive approach to network issues.  We don’t just sit and wait for the phone call, we will alert you to network issues and address them immediately.  So, you can rest assured that when you are gone for the weekend or holidays that your network is always being looked after.

Disaster Recovery

Does your company have a disaster recovery plan?  What exactly is disaster recovery.  Disaster recovery is the ability for your company to quickly resume operations in the time of disaster.  The disaster could be ransomware / virus or system outage.  Downtime could cost your company major financial loss, so don’t wait and contact us today to complete your disaster recovery plan.


Does your office need new cabling or are you expanding or opening up a new office and need voice and data cabling installed.  We can help with that also.  All of our cable is UL certified, Plenum rated full copper.  We also comply with all local inspection guidelines when installing cable.

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